Dealing with Stage Fright

The best performances I’ve given are the ones where I am wholeheartedly focused on the music and not about how nervous I feel. I still get nervous every time I have to perform in front of others and I don’t think the nerves will ever go away! What has changed over the years is how I deal with the nerves when they come. The question will always be, “Will I let my nerves take over my performance or will I drown them out with the music I have prepared?”

I believe it’s important to accept and embrace your nerves when they do come. When you acknowledge what you’re feeling, it gives you the freedom to decide whether you will let the nerves overwhelm you and impact your actions negatively or whether you will choose to let them go. Whether it’s the feeling of sweaty hands, stiff muscles, or butterflies ...

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The Benefits of Music Playing

Generally speaking, most people know on some level that learning to play a musical instrument is good for you. However, it's not as well understood just how good it can be! There are numerous benefits to learning an instrument:

  • Learning the value of hard work and discipline
  • Learning how to problem solve when working through challenges
  • Growing in patience when certain tasks don’t come as easily
  • Overcoming barriers through repetition and intentional practice
  • Focusing on tangible goals that will nurture confidence and self-esteem
  • Becoming more comfortable performing in front of an audience

These are some of the commonly known virtues of playing music. A lesser known benefit is just how much playing a musical instrument affects the brain. This video definitely opened my eyes to some new things I didn’t know before! Just one more compelling reason to start learning today!

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    The best performances I’ve given are the ones where I am wholeheartedly focused on the music and not about how nervous I feel. I still ...

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