Every student can learn

When given sound instruction and a nurturing environment, any student can learn to play the violin. I have taught students ages 4 to 65 and have grown to love teaching and walking alongside my students on their musical journeys.

Students learn differently

I am intentional about seeking new ways to adapt to each student's learning style and learning pace because what may help one student learn quickly may not be helpful for another.

Teaching is relational

I value building a relationship with each student and family so that I have their trust to continue teaching them new skills and techniques. For younger students, I strive to include parents in the learning process because their involvement in the student's development is crucial.

Equipping Students

I believe in equipping each student with the necessary tools they need in order to grow as a musician and to learn the violin better. I engage my students by asking questions and discussing what needs work to help the student take responsibility for their learning.

Traditional and Suzuki method

My approach to violin instruction is a combination of the Suzuki and traditional methods. I provide specific instruction on how to play the violin with a better understanding of proper technique, music theory, and musical skill.


Regular practice is crucial to any musical growth with the violin and in practicing, I hope each student will cultivate a lifelong love for music making and experience the reward of discipline and hard work. I teach my students how to practice and how to get the most out of it.


Music is meant to be shared with others and it brings joy, beauty, and creativity into our world. Studio violin recitals twice a year allow students to perform the music they have been working on and to share this experience with their friends, family, and community members.


Choosing the right violin teacher to aide you in your musical journey is important and we know how tough it can be to figure that out.
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