Ms. Sophia Hsiao has been our teacher since 2013. She is a very high-class professional. I've seen exceptional growth in my daughter's abilities. She is always positive, kind, and encouraging to students. She spends a lot of time on helping others develop technique. My daughter says she is always helpful. Besides this, she is always a pleasure to interact with. My daughter is always enthusiastic with working with Sophia and we are happy to have her as a private teacher and we'll continue to have her during my daughter's high school career!

Luba Z.
With Sophia Hsiao Studio since 2013

Sophia is a patient and nurturing violin teacher. She is always well prepared for each lesson. She taught my son Caleb how to move his fingers faster, which helped him improve a lot. Caleb is blessed to have her as his first violin teacher!

Grace C.
With Sophia Hsiao Studio from 2014 to 2015

My daughter started taking lessons in 2013 when she was ten-years old. I chose Sophia because of her high educational background and most importantly excellent teaching skills. I have admired her patience when she is working with students. She never raises her voice, never gives up on any student and always praises their every single accomplishment, be it small or big. The bi-annual recitals for all her students are wonderful and fun for every parent to witness. When Sophia takes the stage after all her students and plays a solo to end the recital, it is motivating to students to see their teacher play!

Julie K.
With Sophia Hsiao Studio from 2013 to 2017

Sophia has been working with our daughter on improving her skills with the violin since 2015 and my wife and I could not be more pleased with the results. Mandy's confidence has grown immeasurably and she has maintained interest in the instrument, as well as continued to improve incrementally every few months. Sophia's patience with our daughter and empathetic approach has resulted in sustained interest and enthusiasm and we could not be more pleased. I would highly recommend her to any parent desirous of supplementing their child's learning of the violin and am confident that the investment in the relationship will be a rewarding growth experience.

Todd H.
With Sophia Hsiao Studio from 2015 to 2017

Sophia taught my two daughters violin and helped them learn and love the instrument and playing music. She is great with kids and has a patient and encouraging way that connects with the kids and the family. We highly recommend Sophia!

Julian C.
With Sophia Hsiao Studio from 2013 to 2015

Sophia has been my daughter's violin teacher for over a year now and I have been consistently impressed. Sophia is kind, warm, and fun as she teaches and professional, clear and upfront as she communicates. My daughter enjoys her lessons and is appropriately challenged during practice at home. I highly recommend Sophia as a violin teacher!

Elizabeth W.
With Sophia Hsiao Studio since 2016

It was such an amazing experience learning to play the violin from Sophia. She was always so patient and kind to me. She taught me persistence, discipline, responsibility, as well as confidence, which are not only important in learning the violin but in life. Although I no longer take lessons from Sophia, she referred me to violin teachers at my university so that I may continue learning. I am so blessed and lucky to have had her as a teacher. I highly recommend Sophia as a violin teacher!

Naissa C.
With Sophia Hsiao Studio from 2013 to 2017